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Chinese massage

This treatment will calm your mind and make you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed in both body 
and mind. 
It is followed by a gentle flowing and nurturing body massage, which is beneficial for
improving your blood circulation and skin texture. 

Thai massage

Thai is a traditional massage which stimulates the points with a healing touch therefore,the points 
suffer less stress,and life's energy is allowed to freely circulate.It aims to harmonize the body,to 
loosen blocks,and to recoup deficiencies along the energy lines.Thai massage will strengthen you 
physically and harmonize your energy soa new life experience can arise.

Full oil massage

Massage Therapists slide over skin with palm, elbow and fingers etc to make essential oil permeate
skin and reach body, and then improve blood circulation, strengthen regeneration of cell, dispel 
toxin and adjust body function,accelerate metabolism and release your nervous body. 

Sports Massage

The most professional massage which combines essence of Chinese-style and Thai-style massage 
skills, treats common neck, lumbar disc, cervical spondylosis , osseous hyperplasia, neuralgia and 
scapulohumeral per arthritis symptomatically. This kind of massage can be applied to exhausted 
business persons and massage-dependent customers and people who love sports.

Romantic massage

Adopt super French essential oil and combine Chinese-style, Thai-style and trantra skills, start in 
lymph circulation direction to promote flow of blood and lymph, dispel toxin , lay emphasis on 
harmony of body , mind and happiness,release your stress during the romantic therapy.