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Forbes magazine website combing Africa
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Forbes magazine website combing Africa summit in the world economy BBS 10 daikin sentences, according to the nearly thousands of elite and parts of the world to attend the event, the most impressive ten words, there are two sentences from t

Forbes magazine website combing Africa summit in the world economy BBS "10 daikin sentences", according to the nearly thousands of elite and parts of the world to attend the event, the most impressive ten words, there are two sentences from the summit, China's prime minister. And comment on the Hong Kong commercial daily has said: "Mr Li's hundred events of bric, eight days to Africa is a" China whirlwind."


Don't fear will resolutely attending won high praise


Li keqiang visited Africa on the eve of the spate of Nigeria, abuja bomb attacks, the female student kidnapped binge could events, such as some national leaders have been canceled, or attend the classics BBS summit trip in Africa. But he still insist on as per the original schedule, keep to give the government of Nigeria and the world via BBS African summit host ate "too-big-to-fail", is also highly appreciated by African countries and the international community.


Nigeria's President, said in the face of the media, "China is Africa's friends sharing weal and woe". Nigerian foreign minister walid pointed out that prime minister li in Nigeria's security situation grim, government faces huge pressure of public opinion, as planned, china-nepal relationship can stand the wind and rain test. High-level decision with highest reception prime minister li, and access the actual effect has been proved that it is completely correct.


According to a review article in the guardian Nigeria, Jonathan and presided over the President's talks with prime minister li welcome dinner, repeatedly stressed that "a friend in need is a friend indeed", this sentence is appropriate for premier li and the Chinese government and people of praise. Premier li's visit to Africa summit in Nigeria to avoid falling into the via BBS was forced to delay of embarrassment, strengthened Nigeria's response to the current domestic security challenges, the construction of unity, prosperity, national confidence. "Nigeria should be proud to have a friend like China."


The Macao daily, according to the recent terrorist attacks in Nigeria, prime minister li keqiang as visiting Nepal, fully proved that China is Nigeria reliable friends sharing weal and woe. "Hong Kong commercial daily" said that the opening access conditions, backward developing countries of Africa's most plateau after Ethiopia, li keqiang, on to start the security situation grim in the Nigerian capital, abuja to carry out a series of diplomatic activities. Prime minister article therefore comment on: this trip is "the plateau from Africa to the world's most dangerous".


For overseas Chinese enterprise citizen injection "arm"


Hong Kong wen wei Po "think, all round the prime minister li keqiang trip to Africa, local Chinese citizens' safety problem has always been one of the key issues. In Ethiopia and Nigeria during the visit, Mr Li has repeatedly mentioned Chinese citizens' safety, said "this is the problem of the people's livelihood, is the top priority in the country". On May 8, Mr Li in luanda, the capital held abroad symposium of the people's livelihood project, emphasize "to earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises and citizen in the overseas", "consular protection to walk with compatriots".


Wenhui Daily quoted analysts comments pointed out that in the current strategic significance, African and all kinds of China in non-citizens have millions of cases, the security problems in the Chinese citizens has become China's Africa strategy can not be ignored.


Also published article said Hong Kong's da gong bao, the state council premier li keqiang in Angola, said China will strengthen the overseas consular protection power, increase the lawful rights and interests of overseas Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese citizens' personal safety protection. Experts generally believe that China's top choice in Angola on overseas citizens safety issues specific to a certain extent, China's protection of overseas citizens are expected to ascend to a new height.


Critics pointed out that from the prime minister's commitment "to Africa and overseas countries in the development of Chinese enterprises and citizen with a needle 'arm'". Liu Haifang think deputy director of the African research center of Peking University, China has carried out in Angola joint law enforcement action to protect the overseas citizens outside China has a strong reference value, and by Mr Li's visit to Angola, are expected to experience this further promotion.   

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