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HI Hello everyone thank you for your attention! My name is Lucy, 20 years old, 50KG .166 CM. 35D-23-36with. I will be very good English communication. Young beautiful sexy, sweet and cute! Healthy, clean body, soft homogeneous body, very loving escort work, patience, self-confidence at work, as long as you choose me, they will be responsible for you. You get to meet so that you enjoy the best that I can go directly to your hotel and apartments as long as you have a full-service requirement I have to do, as long as you are in this city, I can see you're comfortable! Sincerely hope to give you a good romantic evening! Call me within 24 hours (0086) 132 4678 0800

shenzhen massage:Yoga
Age: 22
Height: 166
Languages: english
Services: full service
Mobile: 132 4678 0800
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