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Shenzhen massage,shenzhen escort,The hotel massage mobile: 13246780800 shenzhen massage,shenzhen escort

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1. Do you accept foreign currency?
we accept RMB, US Dollar,Hongkong Dollar,Singapore Dollar, British Sterling, Euro.

2. Do you accept credit cards?
Sorry, we accept cash only.

3. Can you protect my privacy if use your service?
We completely understand what you concern on this point, Your information will not be leaked to any third party.

4. Can your masseuse go to my hotel or home in midnight?
Ok, but you need to give us your room number, last name and hotel phone number. Some Five-star hotels will ask you to come down to the lobby to pick up the girl. it really depends!

5. Can I send the girl back if I do not like her?
Yes, but you need to pay her taxi fare (RMB 100 or More).

6. Can I choose a massage girl?
Yes, You can choose your favorite girl from our website, all of the photos are real. If you dont like the girls on our web, Tell us your favorite style and we will arrange the right girl for you. For example, do you like tall, short or medium height girl? Do you like very thin, slim or busty girl? Do you prefer girl coming from South China or North China?